Creepy Creatures - Monsters in the USA

We can find thousands of histories about monsters in USA. Some of them are real, others are not. We don't know if those we are going to write about are real. The only thing we know is, that they are creepy, strange and very, very hard to relate to. You'll meet things you thought was a sweet, little fantasy figure, but you'll be surprised..

The Feejee Mermaid

In 1842 a man found a mysterious creature, which never had been seen before. After the creature was been authenticated by the press and a famous show- and businessman, P. T. Barnum, it got the name: “The Feejee Mermaid”. The mermaid was found near the Feejee (Fiji) islands in the South Pacific and brought to New York, where it’s housed in the International Museum of Cryptozoology. It got a head and body like a monkey and the dried tail of a fish. 

All that sees the mermaid is getting very afraid. They expect to see a sweet, beautiful Disney figure, but instead they’ll see a creepy, ugly and disgusting beast.  

One of the new stories we know, is from 2009, where two eyewitnesses claimed that they had seen a hairy Bigfoot in the woods. The eyewitnesses said, that the beast was over 1,8 m tall.

It happened on the west site of San Antonio in Texas, November 30th. Later that day when a officer interviewed the eyewitnesses, they said:

"The big thing was 23 m away from me, smelled awful, devoured a whole deer carcass, and then screamed, screeched, and took off across the street."

Nobody have ever found the "bigfoot" and not either all the other ones, that people claimed they have seen.

The Montauk Monster
In 2008 a cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman, discovered photos on a website of a weird, strange beast. It was found at Long Island in New York. 

The photos shows a 1 m long dead animal, with a 'dinosaur beak'.

There is nothing new in the case. Nobody knows exactly what it is or where it comes from. It's a mysterium, that still is open.



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