Guildkaos - Rules

1. You have to like killing Akkans because we love it and kaos is our brand and it means
Killing As Organized Sports

2. The Guild come in first place, not some other guild We are number one

3. If you are in war and your guild needs you then you go with your guild and not with another guild

4. No kill steal or scamming of other people, and be nice to your guild mates

5. You help your Guild mates if they need help and you are free to do it

6. You say Hello in the guild when you log in and say good bye when you leave and answer if you see a guild mates ask about something
this is the most polite thing to do

7. If another Guild or person scams you or in another way harm a person from the kaos Guild we will taket in the guild whats to be done
(war,kick from guild and so on)

8. You have to be some kind of active or else you gonna be kicked for a more active player, so tell if you go on vacation or something
(Some kind of active = You dont have to login each day but dont wait a week between each login)

9. You must be able to write english or using a translater

10. No spamming in war with please enchant,ress me, heal me ,call and so on people know there jobs thats why they play that char

If you dont like the rules this guild is not for you


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