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I'm a 21 year old world traveller from Denmark with a great passion for luxury hotels.
I have been to 61 countries so far and i'm trying to stay in as many luxury hotels
as possible. However I have also stayed with local people in many countries.

I travel around the world, but always wants to either stay in a luxury hotel with at least 4 stars or stay with local people.

My mission is to visit a total of at least 100 countries and as many luxury hotels as possible and then write a book about it. All my destinations, luxury hotels and tips will be included in the book.

I see luxury hotels as art and memories for life, so I want to stay in as many as possible and I hope to be the world's expert in luxury hotels. It really is the passion of my life.

I have made this site to update people on my project and review every single luxury hotel I will stay in.

Keep visiting this site for reviews and for news about the upcoming book which I expect to be available in 2012 including at least 250 top luxury hotels, 100 countries and a lots of travel tips.

Until then keep visiting for reviews of some of the best hotels in the world. I will also keep you updated in videos at At my YouTube Channel

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