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Why Landlords Run Credit Checks on Possible Tenants

A common adage says "those who do not don't forget the previous are doomed to repeat it." A landlord that will not examine a possible tenant's credit report is doomed to renting to a person they should not have. This can be why landlords must run insurance for landlord on possible tenants. Landlords can spend six figures to get a house that they are going to rent to individuals. Before you turn the keys in your six figure investment over to a tenant, shouldn't you no less than know something regarding the individual who will probably be occupying your home?

A credit report is a snapshot of a person's economic history at the time the report is run. It provides a bevy of information that a landlord can use to determine no matter whether or not to rent to a prospective tenant. Although a credit report just isn't an ideal indicator of whether or not or not the tenant will always spend their rent on time, it is greater than obtaining no info on the tenant.


A credit report reflects how well or how poorly a prospective tenant has maintained their monetary obligations. When the tenant has a history of buying one thing then having the account fall into collections, this may be reflected in the report. On the other hand in the event the tenant regularly pays his bills on time every and each and every month, this may be reflected within the report. In case your possible tenant fails to spend his bills, would you would like him or her living within your home? If they don't pay their VISA bill there is a high probability that they might not be paying their rent someday.

A credit report will also inform you when the potential tenant has a significant number of charge-offs or collections on their report. A charge-off occurs when a firm is not paid what they may be owed and they quit on attempting to ever collecting that funds. A collection is when the business is actively wanting to collect the funds they may be owed. If there's an abundance of collections and/or charge-offs, this tells you that the tenant has difficulty paying their bills. Why would you would like a person like that occupying your property?

The last issue a credit reports shows is whether or not or not there are any judgments against the tenant or if they've ever filed for bankruptcy. If a person files bankruptcy it's usually since they've accumulated far more debt than they can deal with which forces them to file for bankruptcy. Landlords usually do not desire to have somebody who's unable to handle their finances in their property.

Credit reports are not best in figuring out no matter whether or not an applicant will be a good tenant. Credit reports do tell you a thing about the economic responsibility or irresponsibility of one's applicant. It's that history which you use to establish no matter whether or not to rent to an applicant. With no understanding that background, within the future you may be doomed to becoming but an additional collection on their credit report.

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