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George Foreman to be Keynote Speaker at InventHelp's INPEX Event

InventHelp's INPEX is pleased to announce that George Foreman is the Keynote Speaker at the Annual INPEX show, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. George Foreman will address inventors as a part from the George Foreman Inventor's University in the Convention Center.

"For years, people have come to me and asked how they are able to pursue their thoughts and inventions. It's always been my aspiration to assist inventors. I'm working with InventHelpĀ® who can offer access to a difficult industry, teach people and make use of their expertise. I believe everybody ought to have the chance to advance forward with their ideas," stated Foreman.

"Big George" is well known for becoming a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Olympic gold medalist and effective entrepreneur. Several years ago, InventHelp formed a partnership with him to star in a series of national tv commercials, also as social media and marketing campaigns. It was clear that together InventHelp and Mr. Foreman embraced exactly the same values when it came to coaching inventors. This is why in the spring of 2014, InventHelp replaced the name of their specific training program at INPEX into the George Foreman Inventor's University (GFIU). The academy teaches inventors on topics such as manufacture, accreditation and direct response.

"We're thankful to Mr. Foreman to communicate with our inventors at InventHelp's INPEX," said Nicole Lininger, INPEX Show Director. "Mr. The hidden agenda of inventions.Foreman provides years of knowledge that he can share with inventors about endurance in and out from the ring. He's a motivating and entertaining speaker, and we know our INPEX inventors will probably be fortunate to hear his keynote address and take away the message to continue pushing forward with their inventions." The George Foreman Inventors University gives inventors the chance to discover from experts in various fields and offers them with insider guidance on taking their inventions and new goods to marketplace. Filmed at InventHelp's INPEX, America's Largest Invention Trade Show, this series of educational videos also consists of seminars on crowdfunding, direct response TV, and getting online publicity for an idea.


"We like to provide educational information for our inventors at each stage of improvement," said Nicole Lininger, INPEX Trade Show Director and Director of Corporate Communications for InventHelp. "We feel by arming inventors with understanding and guidance, they're better prepared to attempt to get their invention towards the next level." Videos may be purchased separately Invent Help or inside a package such as all seminars. As soon as the videos are bought, inventors have unlimited access to watch these strategy-packed seminars as often as they would like.

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