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what can be described as HD TV

It seems that everybody is using high definition television these days. It’s rare you see a house without one. So, if you’re still unsure about if HD TV is right for you, here are a few of the advantages of a Sony TV. I say Sony TV because Sony are currently among the world leaders in HD TV design and their models are usually cutting edge to the point of drawing blood.


Hi-Def television (HD TV to its friends) is preferable for its superior sound and picture quality, when combined with a Blu Ray player and surround sound; you can create a spectacular cinema-lite experience, with screens that seem to get nearly as big, too! Now, whilst I am personally an ardent fan of thecinema experience, there’s a lot to be said for inviting your friends over for a movie marathon complete with microwave popcorn, beer and as-and-when-needed bathroom breaks.

Another cool feature is the ease with which you can hook your Sony TV up to a laptop computer (the cable costs about £7), meaning you can watch DV, MP4 and Avi files at your leisure. HD TV is a great development in television and home technology in general. The option to attach a Sony TV directly to the wall is also a plus; it’s a real space-saver as well as looking very cool indeed.

With HD TV, every movie is a great big adventure. Big budget, special effects-laden movies fare particularly well in HD. My brother recently bought the remastered, all-singing, all dancing Star Trek boxset and they look great on our HD TV. Especially in the case of the newer ones with the CGI Enterprise, the meticulous design and attention-to-detail really shines through. Set design, mise en scene and subtlety are really rewarded with an HD TV.

Television is the focal point of the modern living room. In fact, television seems to be of increasing importance to the social fabric itself. Is ownership of an HD TV the latest status symbol? Probably not, but it can’t hurt to upgrade just in case.

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