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Nascar Convention Legend - Marvin Panch


NASCAR has become one of the most popular sports in the United States. Anybody who has seen a NASCAR race or even highlights knows that it can be an extremely dangerous sport though. Just about every NASCAR race you'll see will have a wreck of some kind. Many times cars will hit each other or a wall and sometimes a car will even flip upside down. Cars usually weigh around as much as 3,400 pounds and can go around 200 miles per hour. Your regular air bags and seatbelts are not going to protect you from an accident at that speed. So how do NASCAR drivers stay safe? Here are some changes that NASCAR has made a car as precautions.

For all of the local racing fans, the next event at Michigan International Speedway is August race weekend, which kicks off with the Meijer Pole Day on August 19, 2011.

If the article is accurate, Dale Jr. ought to be lionized by the metrosexual East coast self-appointed elite, the one whose members are of the unshakable opinion everyone born south of the Mason-Dixon line are the byproducts of in-breeding while they themselves need two hands to carry a six-pack. Don't hold your breath waiting for this to happen. Self-induced asphyxiation is a wretched way to go. No, one is best advised to write this off as yet another chapter in the ongoing saga that permeates much of the mainstream media. Namely, disrespect for all things, and individuals, nascar communications.

Yeah, I know. "What the hell does that mean?" Well I'll tell you. This is looking at yourself through the eyes of others. Think about NASCAR racing your pattern of behavior. Do you complain a lot or do you just get to work on solving the problem? Do you easily get distracted or do you zero in and concentrate on things. I don't care how perfect you think you are. There is ALWAYS room for improvement in EVERYONE.

If your NASCAR fan loves to play games, how about a Nextel Cup Series Monopoly set for $35.99 to give him or her something to do until race season rolls around again next year? There is also a checkers/tic tac toe set for only $14.99 or a 150 piece puzzle of Dale Earnhart, Jr. for $12.99 more suited for the younger NASCAR enthusiast.

You can add some fun to any Nascar party with some interesting trivia and facts games. Did you know that a yellow strip across the rear of a Nascar driving car signals that there's a rookie driver behind the wheel? And the closest finish in Nascar history is .002 seconds on March 16, 2003 when Ricky Craven beat Kurt Busch. Make up a few cards with trivia questions on them and have a quick game of Nascar Knowledge before the next big race. Guests are sure to love it.

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