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Mayhigh Film’s established in 1965, we started as an independent video production company headquartered in lace>Delhitongue.giflace> (lace>Indiatongue.giflace>). Our team of professionals shares a passion for developing strategies and creating campaigns designed for an engaging and innovative consumer experience, which leads to involve the audience in a closer, more rewarding relationship with brands.

We are a multi platform video producer, creating cost effective and affordable Television Commercials, Corporate Communications Media (Company Promotional/Brand videos, Audio Visuals, Staff training/Induction and Safety videos, Business Investor Relations/Financial Results Presentation film, Product Launch/Demo films), Motion Graphics, 3DAnimations, HD (High Definition) Video Advertisements, Industrial videos, Infomercials, Corporate Event Videos, Corporate Marketing DVD, Online Web Videos, Viral Ad Campaigns, Wedding Coverage, wedding photography  and just about anything else that takes benefit of digital video technology.

To do this, we combine our years of experience with consumer insight, great ideas and the highest production standards, with a focus on effective results. Our studio has the most up-to-date equipments and software. But perhaps, more significantly, it has the oldest and truest of all artistic tools; pencil, paper and a handful of born film makers with creative minds and artistic souls, whose energy is inexhaustible. Like any art form, video production requires imagination, taste and inspiration. We work with client-supplied resources and existing elements of a brand’s identity as well as create our own assets through Graphics, 3D Animations, Motion Graphics and Audio Production.

We provide our corporate services all over lace>Indiatongue.giflace>.

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