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 Time For National Cyber Safety and Warfare Command

Nigeria will likely be fifty years old in handful of months. Given that the time of our independence, the world has been redesigned because of this of technological advancements. We've fought wars, each at home and abroad and our soldiers have created sacrifices. Nigeria remains a republic in spite of continual agitations for segregations from most of the entities that make up Nigeria.

We are employed towards the crises of machetes and bullets. Sadly, the future threats for the peace and prosperity of Nigeria won't come from either. There is a new war evolving in the world. It is not fought on the land, sea, air or perhaps inside the physical space. It is war from the fifth domain: the cyberspace. Yes, warfare perpetrated by means of clusters of personal computer networks which have linked the planet in mutually dependent interrelationships of people, firms and nations.

Cyberwar is not a war of selection. It will come to you even if you do not want it. Just as pc virus attacks our computers, this warfare is waged at national level with consequences that will shut down a military control, economic systems, health informatics, and telecommunications network engineer networks. It really is something that the nation can not afford to waste time to create a coherent method for.

Although we have failed to use technology or robust regulation to solve the embarrassment brought on by the Nigerian internet fraudsters, in this certain case, failure just isn't an choice.

The world has nuclear non- proliferation treaty, but none exists for cyberwar despite the potential financial dangers the latter poses to world commerce. Accordingly, numerous nations have began to deploy strategic commands to safeguard, defend and necessarily retaliate when their systems are attacked by means of cyber-means. The United states Pentagon has the Cyber Command inside the National Safety Agency, the British has a similar unit inside the GCHQ. China, Iran, Russia, Israel, and many other nations have created cyber-army to safeguard their economies.

What exactly is essentially the threat of cyberwar? It has been proven that folks could remotely rewire networks logically and trigger avalanche of issues that may bring a nation's economic climate to standstill. They plant logic bombs which on 'explosion' brings huge damages to businesses and private citizens. They could penetrate our oil installations, bank servers, electric grids, air-traffic controls, GSM networks, and military commands. We suddenly discover that absolutely nothing works inside the land and all networks are broken.

This really is maybe essentially the most drawbacks of computer networks- the capability to wage war by means of bits and bytes as opposed to the old fashioned way of firing bullets where the identities from the invaders are known. In cyberwar, the attackers could mask themselves and may even use your rigged networks to attack you. It's also essential to understand that the planet 'computer' has given that evolved. You will find pills, watches, shoes, bags, cellphones which can be indeed computers. And most systems are on networks with IPs assigned to them.

Lately, our Data Minister, Prof Dora Akunyili, in a speech in Amsterdam explained Nigeria's readiness on ICT by means of expansion of our fiber-optic networks and satellites. What are the efforts the government is placing in spot to secure these networks from cyberwar? It really is regarding the weakest link and nations like US, UK and Canada could be worried that Africa will grow to be the easiest spot to launch attacks because our systems are not protected well enough.

In the old warfare, folks were trained to become spies or soldiers with huge dangers. But now, all they have to do is use a personal computer to launch their strikes to vulnerable nations. If we deny the severity of these threats, we'll have ourselves to blame. It utilized to be copies of military notes; now, the digital spies could download an entire library of military technique.

Arguably, a lot of will argue that Nigeria will not have numerous digital assets to be overly cautious. I disagree; the threat is not just on digital assets, but all aspects of the economic climate. Foreign contractors can rig our networks and understand what other nations are bidding on national contracts, particularly military ones. They're able to access our military roadmap and infiltrate to remain ahead of our strategies.

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