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Mobile websites mobila hemsidor are steadily increasing. Just from 2009 to 2012 has seen a 300% increase in the number of smart phones in Sweden and it is estimated that over 3 million Swedes owns an iPhone or Android phone.For this increase are both individuals and businesses and 75% of those surfing and email daily. More and more companies adapt because their website for mobile phones to meet this trend.

A mobile website mobil hemsida is preferably be compatible with a variety of native browser and even from third-party browsers, screen types,smart phone models, OS, etc, it is a question that is not easy to answer. Depending on what platform your website is based on, there are also different ways to make it mobile. WordPress hemsida has a fairly simple one-click-solution that works well for those who want a mobile website in blog form.

Surfing to find information and shop via mobile phones is exploding and you do not want to miss the opportunity to do business?

 Advantagesof a custom mobile website:

·        Easier to navigate

·        Faster load times

·        Better opportunity to present relevant informationfor a mobile surfers

·        Visitors can call and email with a click right fromthe homepage

·        Increases corporate image of being at the forefront


·        The same graphical profile as your default homepage

·        Link for changing the default home page

·        Visitors can easily make mobile page for an app andsave on your desktop

·        Sustained naming of links in the address bar (goodfor SEO)

·        Support for many additions such as blog, contactform, multi-language support, etc.

MobilePage built in the same system as your real website (Joomla or WordPress) anduses the existing content and structure. You do not have to manage duplicateinformation, and unnecessarily high costs.

Every day surfing around 55% on the internet through theirmobile phones, in other words, many have already tried to visit your websitefrom a mobile device. If you do not have a mobile website mobil hemsida is thevisit certainly not been any further experience.

Bevace mobil webbyrå will help you build a mobile website mobil hemsida that is a compressed website for mobile phones. Your mobile website will allow you to increase your sales, customer service and traffic to your regular website and strengthen your brand. 

Contact MR Joel Tukiainen at tel +46737570084 or you can email at He will provide basic packages for mobile websites mobila hemsidor that he can customize for your business. To know more click here.

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