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Criminal Case Overview plus Ideas

Work crime scenes for indicators, interview witnesses plus suspects, and cautiously analyze evidence to be able to catch the true hit persons.

Play criminal case cash hack through each of the levels and find the culprits and freeze them away.

Thanks for visiting Grimsborough, a village full of murder, secret and intrigue. You will be the newest detective for your Grimsborough Police office and its your job to track down and catch all those murderers. Using your private investigator skills and the police forensic team you could have everything you need to find the culprits.

When your first start you will get to choose what you appear like, and how you apparently your friends who in addition play. Once you have your look you are off to look at your first case. Each case contains a number of hidden object displays to play through as well as a variety of stages regarding questioning and looking at evidence.

Each invisible object window that you simply play will cost you a bit of your energy to play. Your power will refill after a while, and you can use foodstuff to restore it quickly. You can also ask your pals to send you a very little energy too. When you find all of the items within the window you will rating some points, these kinds of points count toward stars.

The stars are very important as it’s how you will move the story alongside and help in your investigations. For example if you wish to meeting a suspect to implement it 1 star, or perhaps examining a finger-print will cost a celebrity. Each case requires a certain amount of stars to complete, and there are likewise bonus investigations that can be done if you wish.

The object video games themselves are amazingly well developed and illustrated. While there is no animation within the scenes the quality actually shines through. Although the theme of the game is quite dark, investigating murders the whole game appears amazing. Inside and out of doors the scenes the graphics are amazing.

While you are playing through a landscape your list of items appears at the bottom. You may have at least 1 sign, and as you perform further into the video game you will unlock a lot more hints. Each piece you find will increase your own score, and if you will find several items quick you will receive a multiplication bonus, so if you discover 5 items quickly the 6th object will have 5 times the particular points. This is especially useful when collecting points for stars.


You cannot find any time limit in most with the scenes, but you will find bonus games where you have 1 minute to find as many items since you can. They do not need to be finished for the story, but often they are best for the extra stars. These bonus games can also be great fun to play, mainly because it breaks up the regular scenes a little.

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