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WiredTree Summary at Managed VPS Hosting

Started since June 2006, WiredTree focuses on VPS hosting service. Are these claims service worth seeking? Here, we have produced a WiredTree evaluation concerning about the managed VPS web hosting to help our visitors have a comprehensive knowing about this company.

In order to come out an complex and comprehensive result, we have tested the service personally for the price, features, dependability, page loading rate and technical support.

Total Rating dedicates itself in providing customers with a outstanding managed VPS hosting experience for a long period of your energy. There are multiple packages available for customers to choose based on their own needs and preferences, and also a lot of advanced solutions and top-notch support. According to BBB (Better Business Bureau), the particular VPS service of this company has been performing at an A level.

In line with the customer reviews gathered from its real customers all over the world, we have carried out an overall rating information presented in the next. To be honest, the customer fulfillment rate is not terrible, but is also not really excellent.


Truthfully speaking, the VPS hosting offered by WiredTree is not affordable in most of webmasters on the web. There are 2 major plan types accessible - Pure SOLID STATE DRIVE VPS and SSD-Accelerated VPS, each of that has its own sub-categories along with difference price settings.

Hosting Performance


For the reason that quality and website servers and hardware spaces have a huge impact on the performance regarding VPS hosting program, WiredTree only makes use of robust and worldwide products to guarantee a high level of reliability together with fast page packing speed.

Servers - All the servers employed by this company is high-quality and industry-standard that could ensure peak performance for the hosted websites with the top-notch specifications.

Data Centers -- The robust servers of WiredTree is situated at the newly refurbished 427 LaSalle data center facility coming with 2N diesel generator, 1800 ton N+1 chilling Plant, computerized climate monitoring, biometric scanners, and 24×7 CCTV monitoring. All these are used to ensure correct server working.

Network - The WiredTree network has been made from the ground up to guarantee the maximum reliability through Level 3, Worldwide Crossing, NTT Communications, Savvis, Cisco, Juniper and many more.

As monitored in the real world, WiredTree succeeds in guaranteeing at least 99% uptime and a swift web hosting speed that is below 1 second typically.


Without doubt, this can be a reliable VPS web hosting provider that can guarantee a reliable, fast, plus secure website jogging environment. In terms of cost effectiveness and customer service, however , WiredTree fails to perform good job.

In the pursuing, we’d like to create some alternatives offering an affordable VPS hosting service with wealthy features, excellent performance, and unmatched assistance service. Note that these kinds of recommendations are handpicked by our knowledgeable editors among much more than 100 companies in the market, which is definitely dependable.

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