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How to organize sustainability within a business


We are committed to integrate sustainability into every part of our business.  That is why we have made an effort to organize sustainability in such a way that we together with our employees, customers and suppliers take social, economic and environmental risk and opportunities into consideration.


Sustainability has been on our agenda for many years. This means that once hot sustainability themes are already a natural part of our business and management practices. More information about these themes can be found in our positions.[link to position papers]

We organize sustainability in our business at three different levels; in-house, in the relationship with supply chain partners and in collaboration with our customers. This combined with a general awareness of including multiple stakeholders has created a successful setup to organize Novozymes sustainability efforts.

·         See how we organize sustainability in-house [link to level 3.1.1 How to organize sustainability]

·         See how we assist our customers in saving costs and building green claims [link to 2.0 Benefits for our customers]

·         See  how we work with sustainable supply chain management [link to 2.3 sustainable supply chain] 

For us, the most important part of organizing sustainability is to walk the talk. We set ambitious sustainability targets for ourselves to continuously strive for better performance.

 If you wish to explore the details about our performance within a specific sustainability area, please visit our integrated annual report [link to annual report 2011].


[An info graphic showcasing the three levels of integrating sustainability]

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