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Playing game Killing Floor. The clan was founded 2012 with a group of friends . We are an online gaming community that loves playing Killing Floor.



The Commitments of each member:


Our motto is a good team play and team spirit. We expect our team members to act professional and be respectful towards both clan members and other players. That means no sabotaging for other players in the game. Killing other and acting rude is NOT allowed. Would something like that happen we wish for you to contact Zlirion, Glurrp or FuelBabe and report it.

If you do not respect this, we will have to remove you from the clan.



If you want to join our clan OSV< , or have any suggestions for membership you can send an email. All membership and suggestions have to be accepted by our admins, unless you have got an invitation from us. It will be published on this site and is then official. 

Go to Admins for email address.

If anyone want to leave the clan, just send us an email and we will take ur name away from the homepage with all respect.

Check out our group on:



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