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When making a change from fat and sugar rich food regimen to much better paleo recipes, you could actually end up doubting the concept of decreasing the amount of nice treat that you’re used to eating. Decreased salt and sugar means you may need to consider foods that aren’t as flavorful compared to your old recipes. 

Yet, you actually need to consider that paleo recipes aren’t meant to give you a restricted eating habit making your suffer for the weight you eliminate. For every paleo recipe plan to work, it needs to be gratifying in terms of the end results and food enjoyment. Here is a list of paleo recipes that you can simply cook in the comfort of your own home. 

Begin With These Simple Paleo Recipes

- Garlic, Lemon, and Olive Chicken
Garlic, lemon juice, black olives will give your poultry suate additional zing. This recipe is very simple. You don’t have to purchase pricey or elaborate ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much of your time waiting for the oven in order to serve some wholesome and tasty food for the family. 

- Stir Fried Vegetables
In case you’re in such a hurry for some simple yet tasty paleo recipe, you can make stir frying a staple in your regular meal. Many stir fired meals are being served with rice; however, you can always forgo of this calorie packed version and opt for meals with more vegetables and meat. You can even make stir fry dishes with your leftover foods in the fridge and make them into whole new meals. 

- Coconut Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream
Craving for something sweet? Well, you can always make your unique versions of ice cream with the use of some paleo ingredients. Adding some sugary complements such as chocolate syrup or honey is allowed; however, if you really want to follow the paleo diet recipe, you can always make them elective. Take your option from nuts, fruits, mint, and coconut flakes in order to make your own version of ice cream.
Paleo Recipes Are Definitely Not Tasteless

The best thing about using paleo recipes is the fact that you will be able to make meals that are simple or complex, just like you want them to be. Additionally, your cooking skills will be put into test as your consider some distinctive recipes that are intended to stick to paleo ideas. With such recipes, you can use a wide variety of excellent side dishes and ingredients to improve your meals. These recipes see to it that you’re getting recommended nutritional consumption. 

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