Sabbat - Packs and Titles
Titles of the Sabbat:

The leader of the sabbat of a region, usually a city or a state. He or she is responsible for the city and the cainites within it, and is therefore the only one who can permit anyone to create new cainites - temporary or otherwise.
The Arch-Bishop is always the leader of his or her clan.

An advisor to the arch-bishop who has been granted domain and has been given responsibility of that domain; Overseeing the packs within his or her domain, and acts as those packs immediate leader.

A title appointed to a cainite by a Bishop (or higher ranked) to serve as a bodyguard or an assassin  (or serve in some other martial capacity) for another kindred. Although this station gives no formal rights or privileges, a templar is always treated with respect.

The leader of a Sabbat pack. The Ductus always has final say within the pack.

The priest is the second in command of a pack. He or she serves as the packs spiritual leader, as well as its moral guide. In addition, the priest is in charge of conducting the rites within the pack. In the event that a Ductus dies (or goes missing) the priest assumes command until a new Ductus is found.

A cainite who has proven itself a true sabbat through the Creation Rites, and has entered a pack.

Either a newly created vampire who has yet to prove itself in the Creation Rites, or a vampire embraced for the sole purpose of being cannon fodder in some sabbat mission. Although they're technically vampires, they are not perceived as such. They are little more than human, and it is legal to feed from them. Although this may or may not cause offense to the Cainite who created it.

Packs of Chicago:

The Dignified:
The reigning pack of the Sabbat in Illinois. It has three members; The Arch Bishop Jacob, and his two bishops Lee and Victoria.
Although they rarely intervene (despite having the right), unless their oppinion is asked for, they are kept up to date on each packs order of business.
Although few have met Jacob themselves, all members of the Sabbat have met at least one of the bishops.
The Dignified are said to follow the Path of Power and the Inner Voice.
Note: The players can't choose to be a part of this pack.

The Crowes:
At the moment, after conquering The Succubus Club, they are perceived at the go-to pack of the Bishops. This pack exists for the art of war and consists solely of the following clans; Assamite, Brujah and Gangrel.
Members of this pack follow the Path of Honorable Accord.

The Red Core:
A pack devoted to vitae and the consumption of blood, be it animal, human, kindred or otherwise. They take great pleasure in the hunt and often stalk their prey for days or even weeks before striking, making them excellent stalkers. They admit members of any clan as long as they have proper skill.
Members of this pack follow the Path of the Feral Heart.

The Jack-In-A-Box:
A somewhat unpredictable pack who has its hands in all sorts of things. Although its members have changed alot throughout the years the pack itself is the oldest existing pack in the city. It is known to only accept extremely cunning and extremely curious cainites into its ranks.
Members of this pack follow the Path of Power and the Inner Voice.

The Forgotten:
This reclusive and secretive pack devotes itself to the studies of the first, and hold intellectual studies and mental disciplines, as well as the art of divination, in the highest regards. They are known to dissect and analyze every piece of information they come across, to determine whether or not it holds any meaning in the great Jyhad.
Members of this pack follow the Path of Caine.
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