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                             What to wear for an evening party?

Getting yourself all set for an evening party is not so easy. When you don’t feel confident enough about your looks it’s really difficult to settle on a mindset. If such is the case, you should try a wardrobe that includes full sleeve tops. It hides you weaker points while making you look more eccentric.

Your other parameters to experiment with would be fabric, length and color. Single colored dresses look best with longer sleeves and the color should be in accordance with your skin tone and event. If you are a little heavier, you should try darker colors. Tall women can try shorter dresses but longer dresses go better on plus sized women.

Similarly, patterns on the top make a big difference. A middle aged woman would look brilliant in a mid length dress with three quarter long sleeves. Various sleeve patterns also make a big difference on the outlook. Though long sleeved dresses and tops aren’t regarded as fashionable but the seriously stand for a woman’s elegance. Med lange ærmer toppe / kjoler og jakker kan gøre en stor forskel. Du kan være større, men du vil altid se elegant i et aftenselskab.

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