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Information About G Scott Paterson & His Profile Roles In Investment Industry

An individual who has neat business potential can achieve remarkable success in life following any path of business. A brilliant example of such personality is G. Scott Paterson who is better known as Gordon Scott Paterson. He is basically a Media ns Technology venture financer located in Toronto. He is a very prominent media investor in Toronto who is a part of 3 organizations at a time now. These are Symbility Solutions Inc, NuLion Inc and Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation.

Paterson is the chairman of Symbility Solutions Inc. It is a cloud based SaaS solution provider for the insurance sector. The company has achieved customer partnerships from five different countries. These are namely, Royal Sun Alliance of UK, Farmers of US, Allstate of Canada, Zurich of South Africa and AXA of Germany. In depth study of the G Scott Paterson profile reveals that this company has grown from $8 million in 2011 to $11 million within the first half of 2013 and this growth rate is still on the elevation this year.

The former known Jump TV Inc. which is now known as NuLion Inc has found huge revenue and popularity under the supervision of Mr. Paterson. He is the Vice Chairman of the company. This company is the leading supplier of video to the internet connected devices. It works on behalf of a few such companies like NBA, UFC, NHL, and NFL and so on. Paterson invested in the company way back in 2005 and led it successfully as the CEO. The revenue went up as high as $100 million with tremendous market capture within the first half of 2013. Paterson now owns about 5% share of this company. If you read about G Scott Paterson, you will simply feel like making him your role model to learn how to excel in life.

Being the chairman of the Audit Committee of Lions gate Entertainment Corporation, G Scott Paterson has revealed his talent in understanding the target group taste when it’s comes to entertainment. He has invested in this business from 1997 and has come up with hit movies like The Hunger Games. The popular TV series called Mad Men is also a production from this entertainment company. Paterson is the largest shareholder amongst all board of directors in this company. The revenue was about $2.7 billion in 2013. It’s really a huge figure to achieve!

Very important information about Paterson reveals that he has been appointed as the Chairman of Engagement Labs Inc. which is a Software tools developing company catering to the online advertising agencies and the Ad marketing companies. Paterson invested around $550,000 in this company which has now a market capture of about $6 million.

To know about Mr. Paterson’s varied investments in Giftagram, Rithm, Authentic Web, QYouTV Inc and others, you should click for information available online. There are huge amounts of information about this fabulous personality because there is a lot that he has achieved within the age of 40 only. He is thus one of the recipients of the “Top 40 under 40” Awards.

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