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Decrease The Carbon Footprint With The Utilization Of 130lm/W LED Tube Light

The importance that Led lighting holds in today’s world is known by all. Through these products, emission reduction and energy saving strategies are promoted. The creation of a completely Green world is highly necessary for keeping the environment clean and fresh. Several enterprises have emerged these days that specialize in the manufacturing of high-end Led lighting. The huge products range of these companies is compelling more and more businesses and households to utilize such energy efficient lighting. Fine craftwork by the expert teams allows these companies to out forward excellent products in the market. You can purchase the tube lights at affordable prices.

Among the numerous kinds of tube lights that are available, the one that is largely installed by several homeowners is 130lm/w LED tube light because of its high tech specifications. The rated power of these lights is 18W to 20W. AC185-277V is the input voltage along with 50Hz that is the frequency. 130lm/w is known to be the lighting efficiency. AL+PC are the material that is mostly utilized. These are certified products. Make sure you purchase the tube lights from reliable online stores as it is vital to get hold of only high-quality lights. Energy can be saved up to approximately fifty percent with the utilization of these products.

The features that can be associated with the product, 140lm/w led tube light, is simply outstanding. Firstly this LED tube light is manufactured from LED chips that are imported by the online shops selling these products. Secondly, the lifespan is quite long that approximately exceeds fifty thousand hours. In comparison to traditional light, this tube light can save up to seventy percent. The heat dissipation of this light is incredible. Also, each of these LED lights is completely certified and tested before their release on the market. Most online stores offer five-year warranty on all these tube lights.

The areas of application for LED downlight products include hospitality and indoor illumination. The lighting function of most of these products is smart along with modifiable color temperature. Also, these lights are dimmable. The nominal wattage and the voltage of most of the lights are 6.6 W and 230 V respectively. Highly advanced technologies are employed by the companies for manufacturing such powerful Green products. These LED lights are also controllable through smart Android devices. Apart from these, the lights can be installed very easily. Most importantly, no trace of mercury can be found in these products.

LED lights are known to be free from all kinds of harmful toxic chemicals. For this reason, hundreds of offices and houses are witnessing the installation of led tube light. Steadfast electronic components are found inside these lights for ensuring high performance. The lifespan of the Led lights is outstanding. The excellent light output is another feature for which these are becoming highly popular among buyers. The energy consumption is low that includes over fifty percent every saving features. Protection circuits are also installed in the lights that ensure safety for users in the event of misuse. Buy the products today from reliable online stores.

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