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Ancient And Modern Art Satisfies At The Louvre Paris

The Louvre Paris was built in the 12th Century as a fortress during the reign of Phillip II. The basement of the complex houses the relics of the medieval landmark. The things to do in Paris is situated on this ancient ground, which boasts of a retinue of art works from ancient Roman sculpture to the best of Medieval Greek art works.


The Louvre became a museum after the French Revolution when the National Assembly passed an enactment to proclaim the Louvre Paris as home to the country’s art masterpieces. The Louvre Museum opened with a display of 537 paintings in the year 1793. The art works on exhibition are a mix of royal artifacts with other objects that were confiscated from the church.


what to do in paris has curatorial sections for Decorative Arts, Greek, Etruscan, Near Eastern Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Islamic Art, Sculpture and Paintings. During the early days of the museum, talented artists used the museum as residence and several unmarked artworks littered the museum space. This, however, changed with the closing down and reopening of the museum in July 1801 which heralded new lightings and discernible columns at the Louvre.


The Collection of Artworks at the Louvre Paris


At present count, there are over 35,000 items on display at the Louvre Museum and more than 380,000 artworks in its kitty. Items commonly exhibited include sculptures, archaeological finds, drawings and paintings. Some famous works include paris attractions pyramid, Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Egyptian Antique of the Seated Scribe among others.


Other Items include artworks from ancient Levant, Persia and Mesopotamia, which includes parts of modern day Iraq and Iran. There is also the ancient Hammurabi Code, which was unearthed in 1901 along with the Hellenistic Greek artworks and designs.


The Louvre Tickets


Tickets for the Louvre can be obtained online from direct merchant links on the Louvre website as well as from tour operators who can conveniently arrange for the tickets as part of paid guided tours. Individual tourists, who are used to the Paris terrain, can buy tickets and embark on a tour of the Louvre Museum without hassles. Tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


Research Teams at the Louvre Museum


There are countless research teams and students of History that find their way to the Louvre Museum from several countries across the globe. Many have the opportunity to see first-hand, these ancient relics standing side by side such modern masterpiece as the Mona Lisa, within the confines of the Louvre Paris.


Evidently, the Louvre Museum is such repository of human history that holds an attraction for people with diverse background and disposition in the modern age.


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